Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease

IMG_3973Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease

What does it mean to live well with Parkinson’s Disease?

The Parkinson Association of the Rockies answers…”Living well with Parkinson’s disease means taking charge and defining how you will live with Parkinson’s disease rather than letting Parkinson’s define you. There are many different aspects to living well with Parkinson’s. Explore the opportunities and select those that are right for you, fit your life style and enhance your well-being.”

Yoga may of be one of those opportunities.

A Yoga For Parkinson’s class with Carolyn includes…

Intention Setting to give cofindence, support and a positive outlook for living well in the present moment.

Gentle movement and yoga postures to increase muscle strength and flexibility, joint freedom, maintain a neutral spine and maximize balance. Most postures are seated in a chair or at a wall.

Breathing practices encourage deeper breath and lung strength and calm the nervous system.

Deep Relaxation invites the body and mind into a peaceful state and may help to improve energy and sleep patterns.

Yoga For Parkinson’s classes are offered throughout Denver and Boulder. You can join Carolyn in Stapleton every Monday from 1:40-2:40pm at 3055 Rosyln Blvd. To sign up please contact Parkinson Association of the Rockies before you attend class. You must have written approval from your Doctor to begin.

To contact the Parkinson Association of The Rockies click here or call 303.830.1839