What People Are Saying

“I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of my aryurvedic counseling sessions with Carolyn.  Not only did she help me to pull my body into balance through my diet, but she also helped me to eliminate emotional and mental stress from my daily routine.  Her holistic approach addressed all areas of my life, not just what was going on physically. I hadn’t had much experience with Aryuveda before this, and I was amazed at how logical it is, and how easy it is to implement into my life.”

The changes–in my body, my mind, my relationships, my understanding of the world–have been at once subtle and profound. My physical and mental health have improved. Carolyn offers solutions and practices that are deceptively, brilliantly simple. In ways I do not fully understand–and I am learning that I may not need to understand everything!–my work with Carolyn has changed my life, my marriage, my family, and my own relationship to my health and well-being.” – Lisa

“I have been taking both healing and beginning classes with Carolyn, as well as private consultation.  Carolyn looks at the whole being and adjusts her teaching to the specific needs of her students.  Her gentleness and caring are always evident.  I struggled with digestive issues my entire life until I met Carolyn. Now, it’s so nice not to have worry about it anymore! I so appreciate the vitality, strength and well-being that I have gained under her tutelage.” – Arna

“To summarize, Carolyn is amazing.  She is exceptionally skilled and presents a constantly changing group of yoga poses with a wonderfully smooth transition from one to another.  She is highly responsive to the unique physical needs of her students.  Carolyn combines a spiritual, mindful and intentional approach to her group instruction.  She always pushes us to go a bit further, but at the same time creates a safe caring environment.  At the end of our yoga sessions, you can just feel the relaxed, quiet peacefulness experienced within the group.  We are all very lucky to work with her.” – Sandy

“I believe Carolyn’s therapeutic yoga class can be beneficial to everyone regardless of whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to get further in touch with particular muscles and joints.  Carolyn provides information about the functions of different parts of the body, which along with breath and thought consciousness enhance the benefits of the poses.  She takes the time to step in and make adjustments on students when needed and helps in providing the right props to further benefit the student.  She has a delightful presence and is able to keep your attention every step of the way. It’s hard to condense all she does to make her classes so effective and memorable.” – Theresa

“My husband and I have been students of Carolyn’s for many months, and find her a warm, supportive, encouraging teacher.  Carolyn’s classes combine physical effort with a sense of spirituality, and she often incorporates humor as well.  We thoroughly enjoy her beginning yoga classes since we both had neglected our practice for many years, and she is helping us back. Carolyn’s classes always involve her teaching each individual student how to be better yoga practitioners – not just leading the class from the front of the studio.  She knows each student by name, and gives positive reinforcement to each one during every class.  We have rarely had a better yoga teacher.” – Kurt and Joan